“Once a year, go some place you’ve never been before.”

October 18, 2016
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Baguio: The Summer Capital of the Philippines

12509989_10204961180741664_541564658_oMost of us, if not all, have this innate feeling to travel and to wander every places that came to our mind if only we all have the time and resources. Like you I’m no different at all because even during my childhood years I already have that feeling buried deep within my heart and soul to explore new places, discover new things and meet different people. That feeling reminds me whenever I get tired from work, stress and bored over the same daily routine and if I just want to breathe and loosen up for a while. One place that came to my mind aside from home is Baguio City, known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines. Because the Philippines is a tropical country or near the equator the temperature here during summer is quite high. That’s when Baguio came in because it is situated on higher level ground the temperature is quite cooler compares to the metro. So people flock here to at least escape for a while the scorching heat of the summer sun. Aside from the fact that Baguio is one of the most stunning places and spectacular tourist spots in the country.

13503079_1339558419391589_695488781174483921_oThere are two means on how to get there. It’s by land or air. If you are traveling from Metro Manila by land it would take you like almost 5-6 hours depends on the traffic situation and an hour by plane. It would be best to book your air ticket ahead of time because some airline companies were having their promo fare very often and if you are lucky enough you can have less than 2k for a round trip fare. When you are already in Baguio you can look for cheap hostels around. Or if you don’t want any hassles on your trip you can check online for available hotel or backpacker’s inn earlier just before your trip.

11225414_889505334460142_2312693476338054562_oOne of the most visited places in Baguio is “The Mansion” the official summer residence of the Philippine President or during Christmas Season. Tourists should and must visit the museum where you can find some memorabilia of the current and past Presidents. The building is elegantly designed with a Spanish inspired theme. But then it is the gate of the Mansion that caught the attention of most tourists because of its design that is quite the same as that of the Buckingham Palace.


And just across the Mansion is the Wright Park is one of the panoramic sites in the city. It is a walkway with an elongated pool of water also known as Pool of Pines because Pine trees are lined on both sides of the promenade. As you walk along til the end of the Wright Park you will find yourselves in the middle of little Ponies.


The Ponies can be rented in hourly basis just a few reminders if you want to ride a pony make sure to agree first for the hourly payment coz you might forget the number of hours you rent the pony and could cost you a little extra of your budget. This attraction is so popular for kids and even young adults.


Another tourist destination in Baguio is the Mines View Park, the beautiful scenery of the northern part of Baguio. But it’s just so hard to find any mining’s there yet those little terraces are breathtaking. But what I loved the most there is the calmness of the place where you can just sit and feel the peacefulness of the area.


After which your eyes will feast on the souvenir shops lined along the area selling furniture’s and household handicrafts all of which are locally made. They are also selling foods and beverages that are mostly strawberry based and peanuts.


Benguet strawberry Farm just a few kilometres from the City is one of a kind. If you love strawberries then you shouldn’t missed this picturesque view where you can do strawberry picking. Even I couldn’t contain the happiness I felt when I was surrounded and in the middle of those fresh strawberry. The scene was so new to me and it engraved into my heart forever.

1507780_415231988626094_7394939181623308852_n 10403354_803821846350633_4745177232645548383_n

And lastly Burnham Park your stay-cation in Baguio wouldn’t be complete without visiting this historical landmark. A park that Baguio is famous of because it is in the heart of the city and a man-made lake is the centre of the park where you can go boating, biking or just having picnic with family and friends. It’s a romantic haven for lovers too. If you love going out at night then go to session road.

12832466_524027084446795_5923205407314727675_nThe road so popular for young adults and teens alike because the road is lined with bars and cafes. There are so many choices to choose from Music lounges and Disco bars you wouldn’t be ran out of places when you are in Baguio. Baguio is a place worth visiting for. A place where you can carved all the memories you had in the city that will last a lifetime.


September 7, 2016
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Sorted Out the Version Clothing Beyond Travel

Every travel we often listed the specific items and baggage that all needed before the trip. So does your attire, yes! Some traveler doesn’t pay attention to what they wear and mostly disregard how themselves look along the trip even today. For the reason of being exposed for a long period of time in departures and being tossed in public.

This particular issue also makes something clear about traveling. While most men still show the liking of choosing something to wear, and the ladies are fancy choosing attires, they can often be either outgoing or abrupt in their dealings with strangers- although they always have time and interest if approached, by someone.

Your clothing can make you happy

Your clothing can make you happy

Picking your attires would not only  depend on the occasion, you are up to. It’s important that your mood matches the clothes you are wearing too. As they say, simple is much better, so you can move freely and confident. But some women, by contrast are very intriguing: they have had to wear different types of garments just to show distinct characteristics of their nature, especially those that have a ready smile and great warmth and interest to find someone, along the travel.


In thinking of a style of clothes, one must never forget that it is an important detail to get to know and become aware of the weather of a place. So that you can easily adjust by picking the right attire that fits in certain settings and weather. But there are crucial thing to remember: Unlike the weather adjustment, that can find a solution an instant. Other foreign countries, disagree and disapprove wearing clothes that literally expose skins that can cause and put you in trouble, just like in the Middle East. Of course, every country has their own belief, that some are necessary needs to be applied and used once you get there.

Plan your trip and bring the right outfit for travel

Plan your trip and bring the right outfit for travel

For example, when the native people of the island moves to the hills and mountains, they encountered a terrain that is strangely beautiful and very forbidding. Bringing a new style of clothing to that place might have an impact either big or small. But in this kind of country, the influences had previously been under control of the authorities. And consider prohibited. And my observations are not a criticism but an acknowledgment of a rich and fascinating culture that grew up by its own rules and exigencies.

You can adapt to different situations, sometimes in rare moments of travel but just as readily showing flashes of heated temperament. As you traveled, you absorbed local dialects and learned fables, historic tales and cultures from the people who lived in the various place.

September 3, 2016
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Bohol: An Outstanding Place, Remarkable for its Breadth of Coverage Full of Insights and Compulsive Traveling

If you are Bohol bound, you need to check this article with very personal tips about local hang outs, must visits islands, and definitive knowledge about everything relating to fascinating Bohol.

Celebrates local folklore and visits beautiful islands and spots, and other generally great enjoyment itinerary to the hidden gorgeous scenery of Bohol.

Not only is Bohol the fascinating place in Visayaz, but I count it among the top destinations in Philippines. As a province that was once the greatest in the Philippines, it has centuries of glorious history, for the dome-shaped hills that have been formed naturally and is considered as a national geologic environment. Or most commonly known as the Chocolate Hills in Carmen, Bohol.

Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills

Founded in March 16, 1565, the blood compact shrine in Tagbilaran City regard as a symbols of peace and friendship, where it has some of the best remaining treasures of antiquity in Bohol. All much better organized and displayed than you will see in the most places.

The city of Bohol is vibrant and well laid out. Where its church Baclayon was considered as one of the oldest stone church, situated here in Philippines.

Baclayon Church

Baclayon Church

But the biggest delight is probably the Islands and Beaches, that it would be unwise to not even sets foot in the turquiose water tosses the shoreline and white sands. A place that has acquired a fair amount of wonderful setting among visitors.

You can start to enjoy your beach bumming here in Panglao, where there are different resorts and definitely a good place to laid out. (In no particular order):

Amorita Resort - Pool Ocean View

Amorita Resort – Pool Ocean View

Amorita Resort. Here are wonderful settlement. A place full of fun and romance with matchless view. Every tourist visits here admire the setting.

Henann Resort

Henann Resort

Henann Resort Alona Beach. Where there are inescapable centerpiece of the outdoor view. A popular place for vacation in a gorgeous setting.

Momo Beach

Momo Beach House

Next is Momo Beach House. It is also festive and particularly not claustrophobic.

And do not miss the opportunity to get in the diving haven of the region. Introducing the Balicasag Island. The Balicasag Island is a major spot near many of the antiquities that makes Bohol a not-to-be-missed destination.

Balicasag Island

Balicasag Island

Another good area for thoroughfare selfie or roadside stand picture taking are The Man-Made forest in Bilar, is on the other side where mahogany trees were planted and stands by the Students of Holy Name University. This one is open and easygoing, is one of the most delightful and animated in Bohol.

Bilar Man Made Forest

Bilar Man Made Forest

Here are wonderful restaurants, caffés, a great market, and marvelous nightlife. The people here are very friendly and welcoming and considerably more open. And the food is sublime. Homey dining on local flavors. The restaurants are definitely not tourist traps with poor food.



Bohol is well-known also by its unique tiny creature called “Tarsier”. While extreme adventure-seekers can experience sky-dive, wall climbing, River kayaking and tubing, river trekking, and many more.

There is a lot of good place to visits in this region. You will soon see the very simple-living, but amazing looking of the Province once you get there.

August 29, 2016
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Things You Need to Know as a Backpacker

As a traveler and a soloist, some of my friends were curious of how I was able to explore and made it to some cities that I’ve been to without any friends or acquaintances who are living in that particular country and that how I come to wander without getting lost in the middle of my trip. I just answer them with proper knowledge about that certain place and a map with me I will never get lost and of course it is your passion and your determination to make your dream travel become a reality.


Most of the time I traveled alone because of some inevitable circumstances and that mine, my family and friend’s schedule don’t usually meet so I end up traveling by myself but much to my surprise I did enjoy my travel same as that when I’m with company of friends and family aside from the fact ,of course ,that I won’t be able to spend much money and won’t be rushing things just to catch up with my next destination in short you have all the time in the world to discover things differently.

First and foremost I usually browse first Mr. Google and do some research about my next destination and the location of some cheap Hostels or Backpacker Inns that is near or within the airport and the mode of transportation in which I can save more than always taking a cab. My reasons why I always look for a cheap hostels or hotel is that you were there to relax and explore the place and discover new things so it doesn’t really matter if you are staying in a 5 star hotel or not besides you won’t stay long in your room. You just needed a place to sleep and keep some of your valuables and also because you were not there to explore the hotel.

When you reached your destination it is best to keep all your gadgets and extra batteries with you and ready because you may never know when you find that perfect spot for your best memories to keep. And if you don’t have that high definition cameras don’t be depressed coz even today’s mobile phones are already equipped with high megapixel cameras some even water resistant for that underwater picture perfect of yours to save.

Another thing that is always with me when I travel are some books from my favorite authors. Books written by Paolo Coelho and Nicholas Sparks. It is best to relax your mind through reading novels and books while waiting for your next destination or while you are on the train/bus.

And most of all some personal / essential things should not be forgotten like extra supply of foods and toiletries. Medicines like antibiotics and anti allergies because you may never know more about the food content and how it is being prepared so it’s better to be ready when unexpected things may arise.

I think it is everyone’s prerogative/choice if they want to travel alone or with company what’s more important is you’ve met and achieved your purpose on why you travel. All of us dreamed of traveling places but not all of us were given the opportunity to effectuate those dreams. Therefore as long as you have that chance to travel then don’t deprive yourself to enjoy and explore the world.

I guess those were just a few of what I usually bring with me when I travel but if you have anything to add please feel free to drop a comment below.

August 26, 2016
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Quezon Province: Niyogyugan Festival 2016

When we think about the word Quezon and festival, what comes first to our mind is the Pahiyas Festival in Lucban. But did you know that there is also a unique festival worth seeing and participating in which just a few kilometres away from Lucban?

Quezon Province is known as the leading producer of coconut product such as coconut oil and copra. A large part of the province is covered in coconut plantation and majority of Quezonians engaged in agriculture are in the coconut industry. To celebrate the tree of life, the Niyogyugan Festival was organized by the Provincial Government of Quezon. They also called it Agri-tourism Trade Fair or Araw ng Pamilyang Magsasaka. It is also the month to commemorate the birth of then President Manuel L. Quezon, the illustrious son of the province.


The Entrance: Perez Park of Quezon, Lucena City -The Venue of the Niyogyugan Festival

14039987_1174047965993447_7433809895194181413_n (1)

The Niyogyugan Festival comes from the Filipino term “Niyog” (coconut) which is the main product of the province and “yugyog” (shaking to the beat) means to shake the industry by emphasizing the culture, traditions and values and everything that depicts the tree of life and how it influence the life of Quezonians.


The Perez Park of Quezon Provincial Capitol of Lucena City, is filled with colourful booth and superb creation from different municipalities and cities of Quezon Province. Each town has their own product to offer from crafts, delicacies and other products displayed in their individual handcrafted booths.

The Niyogyugan Festival highlights the use of the coconut from its tree to fruit and all the products created from it. The participant from different municipalities and cities of Quezon Province showcases their products made from coconut tree and other products from their town. Their stands are stunning as they creatively boost the products from the coconut tree touted as “Tree of Life” in a fun and artistic way. The theme for this year would be “Tara na sa Quezon: Niyogyugan Festival 2016” and would take two long weeks starting August 18 -28, 2016.

Some of the booths from different municipalities of Quezon;

The booth of Infanta, Quezon

The booth of Infanta, Quezon



The booth of Pagbilao, Quezon

The booth of Pagbilao, Quezon


The booth of Unisan, Quezon

The booth of Unisan, Quezon




The booth of Tiaong, Quezon


The booth of General Luna, Quezon


The booth of Gumaca,Quezon

The booth of Gumaca,Quezon



A closer look inside one of the creative booths


Some of the Bb. Niyogyugan 2016 candidates. They are dazzling from their creatively handcrafted gown made from Coconut Tree.

Various activities are in line such as awarding of outstanding farmers, concert of different artist like Inigo Pascual, Daniel Matsunaga, Arci Munoz, Bamboo, Hashtags and more, parade and float competition, the pageant for Bb. Niyogyugan and the awarding ceremonies for different competitions including the selection of best booth.


It’s my first time to witness this festival and I can say that it is worth to see as I was astonished with all the creativity they put in this festival.

August 25, 2016
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 Opt the Suitcase That Suitable to Your Belongings for Traveling

When you travel, you have to choose all the important things you will use for the upcoming trip. And the things you must pay attention in all is the luggage or suitcase which is something necessary. Making ready for the luggage is second to the priority upon traveling.

When it comes to choosing for the suitcases in which to pack your personal belongings for traveling, you spend money with the expectation of achieving an appropriate benefit and assume that you obtain a financial advantage from the amount you spend.


And now in this case of between choosing and investing for the luggage or suitcase you will use, it is necessary to put consideration for picking out and selecting the item regarding both; quality and price. But before you make any decision when buying a suitcase, determine first the exact size that needed according to the length or brief of your vacation and stay, and get to know the right luggage.

Picking something precisely might have an advantage and disadvantage, but it will be easier for you to carry and pull. While choosing a huge one can be difficult task for you to lift and transport from one place to another. Although, it can be more numerous and spacious and easily available to fill with. On the other hand having a luggage of size that less than normal and usual can cause inconvenient for the insufficient purpose.


In my own experience, I always follow getting baggage with enticing one, so as other than me, I am able to be recognized it easily. Bright-colored luggage with you own mark, sign and trace is another strategy to locate and distinguish it among the others. Another essential thing that is indisputably when you are buying luggage is the durability and the distinctive appearance or design, in particular. The ability to withstand wear, pressure or damage is very crucial. Buying over a low price can’t last longer for its low quality.

Inferior materials that have been used to the substandard luggage can easily damage and uncertainty in its abilities. To make sure there are no defects, it is much better to double-checked the item and ask for second opinion.


I as a customer, as well, I always pick out an options made by a trusted company for the cost effectiveness that I spent and to steer clear of inconvenience, and misappropriation of fund. Before you buy better test the reliability of the item first, especially before it is taken into widespread use. Take measures to check quality and performance. Handles and wheels are the second to most important set of luggage so it’s advisable to check them carefully. When I am going to mall or somewhere just to buy my new luggage I focus always on the best quality and designs, for its play also a very important role in our travel. Item by item must be carefully itemized as well inside my luggage.


As a traveler, taking consideration for each item I take with me is one of the decisions I have to take care too. Making a good decision no matter trivial it may seem when it comes to travel is another satisfaction to me.

August 22, 2016
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A Journey on a Beach is a Valuing Experience

Some places for no particular explainable reason have an innate charm and likability. I have taken the factors that some of the destinations I love to travel back has a sense of purpose, social connectivity, community, finances, and physical vigour. And it’s the most interesting ways to experience different environment.

Enjoying with my sons; Thirdy and Tpen

Enjoying with my sons; Thirdy and Tpen

Each destination I tour-around has their own culture, climate and range of landscapes that make them a perfect expat destination. Other factors I look for, is the low cost of visiting ensures comfort on a budget, plus the countries or locals growing expat communities that can make it easy to make  new friends.

Watch the video going to Kwebang Lampas in Pagbilao, Quezon Philippines.

I am a beach lover, there are number of lovely beaches I have visited that attract day-trippers from different locals as well as vacationers from nearby country. Most of the beaches around Asia have some of the best remaining natural treasures of antiquity.

quezonbeach - thirdy

There are all sorts of mixed fried seafood’s platters and some good meat dishes and good local food intriguing in each beach I spent. Those beaches have spectacular grottoes and rock formations that have been formed by centuries that you’ll surely love to see, as well. Be sure to try different islands, shoreline beaches and grottoes and put on your travel list, most particularly in Asia. The welcome is warm and genuine, there is no pretence or formality, yet great care goes into the preparation and the serving of the food. It is really much more interesting.

It would be commonly assumed that beach is just for surfer, swimmer and for those who love water sports only. This kind of setting also a great choice discovering new environments and activities. Such a stop for a drink at one of the outdoor tables while enjoying the view. It is possible to sleep not far from the shoreline or more than anywhere else and feel the sounds of the waves and take a look in the beautiful sunset. Don’t miss the beautiful views provides by nature. I consider traveling beach is to be the second best on having vacation.

Kwebang Lampas

Kwebang Lampas

Throughout the duration of my travel, I took beach as a choice spot with pride that each beach seems spacious enough to accommodate vast memories of people who once have something to visit. I’m delighted to find a convenient niche to connect, as well. For me, it was a real treat to connect with the citizens of a country from where they are originally hailed from. That simple visit might even bring about some business ventures in the country and thus contributing in its own little way to country’s economy. Aside from markets and waterfronts, one of the best ways to learn about beach food is to visit the area where it is caught. Wherever you go, you will find there is great pride in local food and products.

quezonbeach - kwebanglampas 2

The Value of Experienced: Enjoyment and Happiness in the Family

Although I have wandered into many places, my idea of what makes a memorable travel is that you feel that each place is a home for you, free to explore. All other considerations are secondary to this essential itinerary.

August 18, 2016
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Dubai: Have Fun this Summer and Owned it

Every part of the world has its own way of celebrating summer and how to make it enjoyable for its people and tourists in spite of the scorching heat of the sun. And Dubai is not that different at all, the Government here and the businessman alike are trying their best to make all the impossible,possible! Dubai became a haven for all the shopaholics in the world as it introduces “Dubai Summer Surprises” or popularly known as “DSS” through this event though the temperature here gradually increases at the same time tourists are also increasing heading their way to the malls for a shopping spree of a lifetime looking for bargained items to all participating outlets throughout Dubai. This event is not only for adults even kids and kids at heart can still have fun as each shopping malls has prepared an entertainment programs that caters to all family members. On that note, Dubai Summer Surprises means shopping bonanza at the same time having fun. This event will end on August 20, 2016 so go out and don’t be left behind.


I have a calendar list of some malls here and their program of events for DSS 2016:

Burjuman Center: If you happen to drop by at Burjuman mall take your kids into a different land where ethereal trees and magical creatures thrive known as Wonderland. During weekends enjoy their 30 minute show as some Forest Creatures paraded in their magical and colorful attires in the entire mall.

Burjuman Center

Burjuman Center

Deira City Center: Shoppers may experience a virtual reality at its finest in their “Travel Around The World” promo when your accumulated purchased reach 300 dirhams and by playing the game you could also win exciting prizes. This event will last til August 20 the last day of DSS.

Inside Deira City Center

Inside of Deira City Center

Dubai Mall: And for the worlds largest mall aside from their existing informative entertainment for the whole family to explore. While parents are busy doing their shopping they can leave their children at the Giant Ball Pit and let them enjoy this supersize fun. You can never go wrong as Dubai mall offers a diverse range of shopping entertainment and dining experience that your whole family will love.

The Dubai Mall - Dubai Summer Surprises 2016

The Dubai Mall – Dubai Summer Surprises 2016

One of the best indoor entertainments here in Dubai during summer is the “Modhesh World” which takes place at the World Trade Center and runs til August 20. It offers exciting and magical entertainment to all family members aside from the fact that all of it were highly innovative the entrance fee is not that expensive it’s only 20 dirhams but for kids below 3 years old it’s absolutely free.

So have fun this summer with style and owned it with these surprises that Dubai has for you there’s no way that you won’t enjoy and cherished your summer.

August 15, 2016
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Davao: Gateway to the Philippines

Other than beautiful spots and stunning view that a certain place has to offer, one thing or another that would make a place stand out for me is the hospitality of its people and my safety. And Davao City has all of that like you are having the best of both worlds.

davaoDavao City is located in the southern most part of the country and its 2 hours away from Manila by plane. You will never think that it’s a highly urbanized city because of its cleanliness, the air is fresh and not polluted compare to other key cities in the country. Most of the attractions in Davao is outdoor activities like you will have to indulge more with Mother Nature. I would suggest that you will visit Davao during its two major annual celebrations, first which happens Davao kadayawan festivalaround March is the “Araw ng Dabaw” and the Kadayawan Festival in August but you should book your hotel accommodations like months ahead of time because around this time the number of tourists in the city increases and it will be hard for you to find a hotel to stay.

Davao People's Park

One of the most popular tourist spots in Davao is the Crocodile Park houses other wildlife animals aside from crocodiles and if you’re after for an exotic delight try their crocodile and ostrich cuisines for a reasonable price and the crocodile ice cream( yes you read it right). Within the complex also is the Davao Butterfly House and Tribu Mindanawan.

davao eagle

Philippine Eagle

Of course, I will never forget what Davao is famous of  The Philippine Eagle. The Philippine Eagle Center is where you can find one of the world’s largest species of Eagles but now endangered. A sanctuary that protects not only the Eagles as well as reptiles and other mammals. And if you are not running out of time drop by in the City’s stunning nature-themed park, The Malagos Garden Resort where you can find some davao eden parkcollections of our National Artist Napoleon Abueva. Just after lunch
head yourself to Eden Nature Park where you can enjoy trekking, zip lines and the currently famous sky cycling and if you have kids with you, they will love it here for they have that chance to interact with the lovely Deer.


End your day at Jack’s Ridge where you can have a panoramic view of the city. It is a great destination when it comes to dining and recreation for it offers a wide array of restaurants, cafes and recreational amenities. Your visit won’t be complete if you haven’t been to Samal Island it’s just half an hour away from the city. It’s the best place if you just want to stay away from the buzzing sound of the metro with its white sand beaches and underwater marine resources you will surely indulge yourself to a relaxation in a new context.


It would then be safe to say that Davao is like a gateway to the Philippines as it offers more than beautiful beaches, nature-themed park and a progressive urbanized city a single destination to experience all of them and the best of what the Philippines has to offer.

August 10, 2016
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Enticing Ilo-Ilo: The Western Visayaz City

My greatest goal I am trying to fulfill right now is the goal to visit each region and provinces in my own country and learn from it (Philippines).

Molo Church

Molo Church

I selected a breezy trip to Ilo-Ilo as my next destination. Aside for frenzied pace of the City, the place certainly has a cultural heritage that will surely savour every second on your vacation. Where colonial era churches like Miag-ao, Molo, Guimbal and San Joaquin Church are situated. The first church featured is the iconic Miag-ao Church which is on the Unesco World Heritage list, and it has the beautiful green hills that surrounded it. While Molo Church and Tigbauan Church which are National Historical Landmarks by the National Institute (NHI), These churches have been maintained the characteristic atmospheres that make it an institution in Ilo-Ilo. Next are Guimbal Church and San Joaquin Church which are also on National Historic Institute, by National Cultural Treasure Directory. Each has been designed so that there is a clear view of the countryside in the distance. You will undoubtedly be impressed by the beauty of the areas and will embrace the chance to visit more often.

Miag-ao Church

Miag-ao Church

As you approach Ilo-Ilo, you’ll find that many Hospitals, as well are located in the City, and has their own health profession and each are home in their perspective areas. Among the Hospitals that well-known in the City are The Medical City of Ilo-Ilo, Ilo-Ilo Doctor’s Hospital, Ilo-Ilo Mission Hospital, St. Paul’s Hospital, Western Visayas Medical Center and Western Visayas State University Medical Center. A modest hospitals with a surely good services.


iloilo-circle-inn hotel

On the other hand, Ilo-Ilo has never ceased to captivate me, it is definitely a vacation destination. There are also different hotels you can accommodate if you plan to stay in this lovely town. Ilo-Ilo is a place where people live in what seems like splendid contentment, but in the view of some, this contentment is born of provincialism. I have met new friends here whom I find a genuine warmth and sweetness. There are remarkable attachment to this place and most visitors fall in love with it too. It pleases every type of tourist. There a place for the lavish mid-range, and pragmatic spender. Adventurous by nature.

Sicogon Island

Sicogon Island

If you have a car rented, it is possible to visit many places, some of which have good restaurants located here too. The food comes most from local sources, and the food are vivid in each restaurants and has an excellent selection of menus. This place is not easily forgotten. Everything about the City is intended to exalt reason and perspective. The food and the environment are fun and provide a change for people spending a fortnight taking the waters and eating set menus in their hotel. There are casual restaurants that serves products from a farm, many of which you can also purchase and take away. There are several shops and interesting store sells the best of regional food but is also an antiques shop, with prints, small furniture and books.

The Arts of Paraw Regatta Festival

The Arts of Paraw Regatta Festival

I feel gratified for having journeyed here. Ilo-Ilo is a City most tourist overlook, but its abundant charms- architecture, food genuineness, make it irresistible. The combination of simplicity and beauty is the essence of everything that is special about Ilo-Ilo. It has an innate understanding of the meaning of hospitality, which is, after all, an art.