“Once a year, go some place you’ve never been before.”

A Journey on a Beach is a Valuing Experience


Some places for no particular explainable reason have an innate charm and likability. I have taken the factors that some of the destinations I love to travel back has a sense of purpose, social connectivity, community, finances, and physical vigour. And it’s the most interesting ways to experience different environment.

Enjoying with my sons; Thirdy and Tpen

Enjoying with my sons; Thirdy and Tpen

Each destination I tour-around has their own culture, climate and range of landscapes that make them a perfect expat destination. Other factors I look for, is the low cost of visiting ensures comfort on a budget, plus the countries or locals growing expat communities that can make it easy to make  new friends.

Watch the video going to Kwebang Lampas in Pagbilao, Quezon Philippines.

I am a beach lover, there are number of lovely beaches I have visited that attract day-trippers from different locals as well as vacationers from nearby country. Most of the beaches around Asia have some of the best remaining natural treasures of antiquity.

quezonbeach - thirdy

There are all sorts of mixed fried seafood’s platters and some good meat dishes and good local food intriguing in each beach I spent. Those beaches have spectacular grottoes and rock formations that have been formed by centuries that you’ll surely love to see, as well. Be sure to try different islands, shoreline beaches and grottoes and put on your travel list, most particularly in Asia. The welcome is warm and genuine, there is no pretence or formality, yet great care goes into the preparation and the serving of the food. It is really much more interesting.

It would be commonly assumed that beach is just for surfer, swimmer and for those who love water sports only. This kind of setting also a great choice discovering new environments and activities. Such a stop for a drink at one of the outdoor tables while enjoying the view. It is possible to sleep not far from the shoreline or more than anywhere else and feel the sounds of the waves and take a look in the beautiful sunset. Don’t miss the beautiful views provides by nature. I consider traveling beach is to be the second best on having vacation.

Kwebang Lampas

Kwebang Lampas

Throughout the duration of my travel, I took beach as a choice spot with pride that each beach seems spacious enough to accommodate vast memories of people who once have something to visit. I’m delighted to find a convenient niche to connect, as well. For me, it was a real treat to connect with the citizens of a country from where they are originally hailed from. That simple visit might even bring about some business ventures in the country and thus contributing in its own little way to country’s economy. Aside from markets and waterfronts, one of the best ways to learn about beach food is to visit the area where it is caught. Wherever you go, you will find there is great pride in local food and products.

quezonbeach - kwebanglampas 2

The Value of Experienced: Enjoyment and Happiness in the Family

Although I have wandered into many places, my idea of what makes a memorable travel is that you feel that each place is a home for you, free to explore. All other considerations are secondary to this essential itinerary.

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