“Once a year, go some place you’ve never been before.”

About Us

This is a new personal blog where the blogger shares his own personal travel experiences, photographs and travel trips to everyone whether to his friends, relatives and online readers. The blog has its spontaneous style that not just informs but invites the reader to share in the experience. It seeks to inspire more people to explore the world most especially our own beloved country, Philippines. Ours is a rich and beautiful country and there are still journeys to be taken.

Travelling is not only for the rich nor for the ones who can afford neither for those socially adept. I am too none of them. It is the mind set and discipline to achieve your goal. It is about sharing the stories and learning experiences.

The blog aims to encourage others to live their dreams, to explore and find their own escapade of a life time. As I believe that adventures can be found everywhere, both near and far.

About The Blogger, Marjun  was born on 1982 at Bataan Province situated in the Central Luzon Region and is famous in history as Battle of Bataan. He works as a full time OFW in Dubai and a traveler whenever he gets a chance, on his off days and vacations in the Philippines. The blog is a way to document his personal adventure and aims to share all his travel experiences.