“Once a year, go some place you’ve never been before.”

Baguio: The Summer Capital of the Philippines


12509989_10204961180741664_541564658_oMost of us, if not all, have this innate feeling to travel and to wander every places that came to our mind if only we all have the time and resources. Like you I’m no different at all because even during my childhood years I already have that feeling buried deep within my heart and soul to explore new places, discover new things and meet different people. That feeling reminds me whenever I get tired from work, stress and bored over the same daily routine and if I just want to breathe and loosen up for a while. One place that came to my mind aside from home is Baguio City, known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines. Because the Philippines is a tropical country or near the equator the temperature here during summer is quite high. That’s when Baguio came in because it is situated on higher level ground the temperature is quite cooler compares to the metro. So people flock here to at least escape for a while the scorching heat of the summer sun. Aside from the fact that Baguio is one of the most stunning places and spectacular tourist spots in the country.

13503079_1339558419391589_695488781174483921_oThere are two means on how to get there. It’s by land or air. If you are traveling from Metro Manila by land it would take you like almost 5-6 hours depends on the traffic situation and an hour by plane. It would be best to book your air ticket ahead of time because some airline companies were having their promo fare very often and if you are lucky enough you can have less than 2k for a round trip fare. When you are already in Baguio you can look for cheap hostels around. Or if you don’t want any hassles on your trip you can check online for available hotel or backpacker’s inn earlier just before your trip.

11225414_889505334460142_2312693476338054562_oOne of the most visited places in Baguio is “The Mansion” the official summer residence of the Philippine President or during Christmas Season. Tourists should and must visit the museum where you can find some memorabilia of the current and past Presidents. The building is elegantly designed with a Spanish inspired theme. But then it is the gate of the Mansion that caught the attention of most tourists because of its design that is quite the same as that of the Buckingham Palace.


And just across the Mansion is the Wright Park is one of the panoramic sites in the city. It is a walkway with an elongated pool of water also known as Pool of Pines because Pine trees are lined on both sides of the promenade. As you walk along til the end of the Wright Park you will find yourselves in the middle of little Ponies.


The Ponies can be rented in hourly basis just a few reminders if you want to ride a pony make sure to agree first for the hourly payment coz you might forget the number of hours you rent the pony and could cost you a little extra of your budget. This attraction is so popular for kids and even young adults.


Another tourist destination in Baguio is the Mines View Park, the beautiful scenery of the northern part of Baguio. But it’s just so hard to find any mining’s there yet those little terraces are breathtaking. But what I loved the most there is the calmness of the place where you can just sit and feel the peacefulness of the area.


After which your eyes will feast on the souvenir shops lined along the area selling furniture’s and household handicrafts all of which are locally made. They are also selling foods and beverages that are mostly strawberry based and peanuts.


Benguet strawberry Farm just a few kilometres from the City is one of a kind. If you love strawberries then you shouldn’t missed this picturesque view where you can do strawberry picking. Even I couldn’t contain the happiness I felt when I was surrounded and in the middle of those fresh strawberry. The scene was so new to me and it engraved into my heart forever.

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And lastly Burnham Park your stay-cation in Baguio wouldn’t be complete without visiting this historical landmark. A park that Baguio is famous of because it is in the heart of the city and a man-made lake is the centre of the park where you can go boating, biking or just having picnic with family and friends. It’s a romantic haven for lovers too. If you love going out at night then go to session road.

12832466_524027084446795_5923205407314727675_nThe road so popular for young adults and teens alike because the road is lined with bars and cafes. There are so many choices to choose from Music lounges and Disco bars you wouldn’t be ran out of places when you are in Baguio. Baguio is a place worth visiting for. A place where you can carved all the memories you had in the city that will last a lifetime.


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