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BALANGA: The Town certainly has its own charms.



Plaza Mayor de Balanga

There’s an air of prosperity here, with new construction and renovation everywhere. Balanga is often called as “City of Balanga“, it’s quite classy and upscale. Balanga is fairly level and easily explored on foot, too. Begin your tour by strolling the downtown area. The Town is most noticeably, organized and tidy. Roads and parks are well maintained. The Town sparkles. The parks are beautiful and enjoyable to drop in, and if you love nature photography, you’ll have a field day here.

Balanga City Ibong Dayo Festival

Balanga City Ibong Dayo Festival

Balanga has its own festivals, as well. Festival held here for a weeklong celebration. Many activities are also available here for free, just like tree planting that you can actually enjoy with your family and friends. Enjoy events throughout the year.

Balanga City at night

Balanga City at night

There’s a lot to like in the town: the food, the place, the lack of crime, and outdoor activities and the weather. These are enjoyable, interesting, livable towns. While there are cheaper places, you can live here reasonably. You can get meals for very reasonable prices. It’s an excellent town for foodies. If your feet get tired, grab some food to eat, there are many local restaurants which is located within the city.

Balanga fountain

Plaza Mayor de Balanga Fountain

Balanga City fishing Balanga City tabing dagat

There are truly is something for everyone: hiking, biking, fishing, bird watching, nature photography, and for instance you can visit a park where you can go for an exercise for free. Balanga is an attractive, hilly town with well-tended public parks and a bustling business district. It’s a pleasant place to stop for coffee or to stretch a leg. Feel free to visit like all the other guests. It’s an area where you could truly feel at home.

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  1. Oh Balanga City, my hometown.. Haven’t see you in a year now.. What’s new here?

  2. very nice especially at night. 🙂

  3. very different balanga compare to what i have seen before. nice. thumbs up!

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