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Bohol: An Outstanding Place, Remarkable for its Breadth of Coverage Full of Insights and Compulsive Traveling


If you are Bohol bound, you need to check this article with very personal tips about local hang outs, must visits islands, and definitive knowledge about everything relating to fascinating Bohol.

Celebrates local folklore and visits beautiful islands and spots, and other generally great enjoyment itinerary to the hidden gorgeous scenery of Bohol.

Not only is Bohol the fascinating place in Visayaz, but I count it among the top destinations in Philippines. As a province that was once the greatest in the Philippines, it has centuries of glorious history, for the dome-shaped hills that have been formed naturally and is considered as a national geologic environment. Or most commonly known as the Chocolate Hills in Carmen, Bohol.

Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills

Founded in March 16, 1565, the blood compact shrine in Tagbilaran City regard as a symbols of peace and friendship, where it has some of the best remaining treasures of antiquity in Bohol. All much better organized and displayed than you will see in the most places.

The city of Bohol is vibrant and well laid out. Where its church Baclayon was considered as one of the oldest stone church, situated here in Philippines.

Baclayon Church

Baclayon Church

But the biggest delight is probably the Islands and Beaches, that it would be unwise to not even sets foot in the turquiose water tosses the shoreline and white sands. A place that has acquired a fair amount of wonderful setting among visitors.

You can start to enjoy your beach bumming here in Panglao, where there are different resorts and definitely a good place to laid out. (In no particular order):

Amorita Resort - Pool Ocean View

Amorita Resort – Pool Ocean View

Amorita Resort. Here are wonderful settlement. A place full of fun and romance with matchless view. Every tourist visits here admire the setting.

Henann Resort

Henann Resort

Henann Resort Alona Beach. Where there are inescapable centerpiece of the outdoor view. A popular place for vacation in a gorgeous setting.

Momo Beach

Momo Beach House

Next is Momo Beach House. It is also festive and particularly not claustrophobic.

And do not miss the opportunity to get in the diving haven of the region. Introducing the Balicasag Island. The Balicasag Island is a major spot near many of the antiquities that makes Bohol a not-to-be-missed destination.

Balicasag Island

Balicasag Island

Another good area for thoroughfare selfie or roadside stand picture taking are The Man-Made forest in Bilar, is on the other side where mahogany trees were planted and stands by the Students of Holy Name University. This one is open and easygoing, is one of the most delightful and animated in Bohol.

Bilar Man Made Forest

Bilar Man Made Forest

Here are wonderful restaurants, caffés, a great market, and marvelous nightlife. The people here are very friendly and welcoming and considerably more open. And the food is sublime. Homey dining on local flavors. The restaurants are definitely not tourist traps with poor food.



Bohol is well-known also by its unique tiny creature called “Tarsier”. While extreme adventure-seekers can experience sky-dive, wall climbing, River kayaking and tubing, river trekking, and many more.

There is a lot of good place to visits in this region. You will soon see the very simple-living, but amazing looking of the Province once you get there.

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