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Calaguas Island: An island of Experience and Positivity


The Philippines is a country of more than seven thousand islands and each island has its unique beauty and different distinction for its visitors. Much to my surprise that this island am taking you now isn’t that popular in spite of its natural beauty that is comparable to the other known resorts in the country so be prepared as I take you to the Hidden Paradise of Calaguas Islands.


Calaguas is a secluded group of islands in Camarines Norte. For years now, the island has been getting rave reviews from travelers because of its beauty and tranquility, crystal clear water and powdery white sand beach. Some even say it is as beautiful as that of Boracay island but certainly more peaceful, placid , unspoiled and untouched.


13820900_1233740926658766_2014161623_nOur journey to Calaguas started from Quezon to the breathtaking Mayon Volcano where we had a brief trip to my friend’s hometown who told us to pay a visit and explore Calaguas Islands. But before we reached our destination, he took us to the port of the town where we hired a motorboat that will take us to Mahabang Buhangin or Halabang Baybay as the locals call it which is the main beach of the island. While on our way to the resort, because it’s summer, the waves  were calmer but it’s unforgiving during the rainy season according to him so it is important to carefully plan your travel.


Who would not enjoy the smell of the summer breeze and feel the relaxing wind as it sweeps on your skin as the hullabaloo boat being softly swayed by the waves of the Pacific. I was blown away when I saw the beautiful island as we were welcome by school of fishes and those tiny sea creatures underneath its crystal turquoise water and the powdery white sand touches our feet as we get off the boat.


But because the island has no villas or cottages we brought with us our camping stuff. Right after we’re done putting our tents for our temporary shelter and put all other things together we immediately roam around. The beachfront is quite long and we enjoy taking pictures of the spectacular view of this untouched island, a haven for those who just want to detached from the usual busy life of the metro.


Hence the island is secluded and no cellular sites being put up so people can really interact, bond and bring people’s affinity to each other even closer as a result of ” no mobile “ policy while in the island as I may say. Another thing that will make your sojourn memorable is our old-fashioned way of cooking our meals. Like the old times when our ancestors just used two stones to create fire by just rubbing the stones and learned to utilize what we only have on the island that would make you appreciate life in its simplicity and naïveté.

Lazing in the sand and staring at the sun as it gives its way to the moon and seized every moment I have on the island it made me realized that the best thing and the only thing that matters in this life is ” Pure Happiness” . The island rekindles my affinity and love of what our Creator provides us. I just hope that you will experience what the Island of Calaguas taught me by considering it as a must place to visit on your next vacation.

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  1. I don’t know this place, but I want to go here and relax. 😎

  2. wanted to experience the haven like! this one is the best choice!

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