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Cebu: The Queen City of the South


In my pursuit for new adventures. An adventure that you don’t have to go out of the country. I’ve been reading books especially travel related books and some travel documentaries on local television until I overheard one of my friends speaking about his recent trip to Cebu and his encounter to a whale shark those things caught my attention and decided to explore the city known as “The Queen City of the South”.

Cebu City is used to be the first capital and the oldest City of the Philippines is just less than an hour away by plane from Manila. It is now the highly urbanized City in the Visayas region and yet they were able preserve those 16th century churches in spite of how progressive the City has become.

The City is also known for its white sand beaches, foods and guitars.This urban city will redefine your thought on appreciating the simple things in life. Allow me to take you to the best places of the Queen City.


Cebu church

Basilica del Santo Niño

One should first visit the Basilica del Santo Nino and the Magellan’s cross which is just beside the church. The church is considered as the oldest Roman Catholic Church in the country despite that some parts of the church were damaged because of the earthquake that struck Cebu last 2013 the beauty of it remains and the Magellan’s Cross is a strong evidence of the Spanish settlement in the country for centuries and the baptism of then Rajah Jumabon and his wife.

Another tourist attraction is the Taoist Temple. The only way to reach there faster is by taking a cab. The temple was built by Chinese businessmen and making it as the center of worship for Taoism. Tourists are allowed to enter the temple and pray but one should respect the worshippers by not making loud noises inside the temple.

Sinulog Festival

Sinulog Festival

Cebu city is home of the world renowned “Sinulog Festival” which happens every 3rd Sunday of the month of January. A festivity in honor of the beloved Sto. Nino. Sinulog Festival is a lively and colorful street dancing that attracts tourists in and out of the country.

Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary

Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary

Another sight to behold once you’re in the city is the Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary where you can learn the life cycle of butterflies and know their different species. Inside the sanctuary you will find some beautiful art collections made from the debris of butterfly wings. But it would be better to visit the sanctuary around the months of June Til February it’s the breeding season of butterflies.

Cebu's Lechon

Cebu’s Lechon

One that should not missed in Cebu is their famous “Lechon Baboy” or Roasted Pig taste it to fill your desire for one coz they served it perfectly and it’s the best in the country. And if you are a food tripper like me why not give a visit to the ever popular Larsian and try street foods lined in the street of Cebu that’s what I may call street foods at its finest.

There are so many things to do in the Queen City. Aside from the fact that the foods and hotels here are much cheaper compare to Manila and if you are not a history buff type Cebu has something more to offer that you can’t resist. Will definitely be coming back here on my next adventure.

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  1. Cebu! A very historic place in the country. I wanna go and visit those historical places with my loved ones!

  2. Cebu is one of the most visited cities in the country…and one of the best

  3. can’t stop coming here whenever i get the chance on my vacation!

  4. LECHON!!!!! The best! Everywhere. 🐷 with brandy ..

    • Lechon Cebu is the best tolits..my friends told me that it’s their secret spices that made it better than the others

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