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Davao: Gateway to the Philippines


Other than beautiful spots and stunning view that a certain place has to offer, one thing or another that would make a place stand out for me is the hospitality of its people and my safety. And Davao City has all of that like you are having the best of both worlds.

davaoDavao City is located in the southern most part of the country and its 2 hours away from Manila by plane. You will never think that it’s a highly urbanized city because of its cleanliness, the air is fresh and not polluted compare to other key cities in the country. Most of the attractions in Davao is outdoor activities like you will have to indulge more with Mother Nature. I would suggest that you will visit Davao during its two major annual celebrations, first which happens Davao kadayawan festivalaround March is the “Araw ng Dabaw” and the Kadayawan Festival in August but you should book your hotel accommodations like months ahead of time because around this time the number of tourists in the city increases and it will be hard for you to find a hotel to stay.

Davao People's Park

One of the most popular tourist spots in Davao is the Crocodile Park houses other wildlife animals aside from crocodiles and if you’re after for an exotic delight try their crocodile and ostrich cuisines for a reasonable price and the crocodile ice cream( yes you read it right). Within the complex also is the Davao Butterfly House and Tribu Mindanawan.

davao eagle

Philippine Eagle

Of course, I will never forget what Davao is famous of  The Philippine Eagle. The Philippine Eagle Center is where you can find one of the world’s largest species of Eagles but now endangered. A sanctuary that protects not only the Eagles as well as reptiles and other mammals. And if you are not running out of time drop by in the City’s stunning nature-themed park, The Malagos Garden Resort where you can find some davao eden parkcollections of our National Artist Napoleon Abueva. Just after lunch
head yourself to Eden Nature Park where you can enjoy trekking, zip lines and the currently famous sky cycling and if you have kids with you, they will love it here for they have that chance to interact with the lovely Deer.


End your day at Jack’s Ridge where you can have a panoramic view of the city. It is a great destination when it comes to dining and recreation for it offers a wide array of restaurants, cafes and recreational amenities. Your visit won’t be complete if you haven’t been to Samal Island it’s just half an hour away from the city. It’s the best place if you just want to stay away from the buzzing sound of the metro with its white sand beaches and underwater marine resources you will surely indulge yourself to a relaxation in a new context.


It would then be safe to say that Davao is like a gateway to the Philippines as it offers more than beautiful beaches, nature-themed park and a progressive urbanized city a single destination to experience all of them and the best of what the Philippines has to offer.

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