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Palawan: A Premier Destination for Recreation


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El Dorado Palawan

In the years i have traveling in Asia, i often surprised and delighted locals with my strong interest in and affection for their foods, customs, history and dialects. Much of my experience will be shared in this article, along with the encouragement to go and discover these places for yourself.

When you first plan visit Asia, you will likely put Philippines at the top of your list. This destination make sense because they have a world class cities with great history, art, culture and food. Yet, to have a fuller understanding of Philippines culture, character and cuisine, you must also plan to include regional capitals and smaller town in your itinerary.

el-dorado-sunset-resort palawan

El Dorado Sunset

If you prefer big cities, you might choose Manila and Makati to use as bases to explore this regions. And if you prefer places with natures, you might pick Palawan and other nearby places that you can unpack your bags and settle into a hotel room for a few days, and begin to get a sense of the rhythms and traditions of a place, and it will start to feel a little bit like home. In your travels you will gradually come to realize how distinct every region and for that matter, province-is.

Underground River

Underground River

Introducing Puerto Princesa Palawan and its finest spots. In the province of Palawan, also finds its famous untouched caves with natural water resources. It produces excellent fish and other delicious seafoods from lakes, rivers and the sea. Most restaurants or eateries offer cheap but filling tourist menus. If you have more time, you should visit Under Ground River Tour in Coron and try their water sports like snorkeling, diving, surfing and other activities that includes exploring natures and its history. Puerto Princesa has its wonderful market and great resources that should not be missed. Filipinos are usually warm and gracious, you will find that shopkeepers and the coffee man at the bar will recognize you and greet you when you come back to buy some fruit or a cappuccino. This is part of the joy of being in Philippines. I hope that you experience pleasure and learn in pursuing travels. The more you travel you will discover the ways people in each towns are unique.

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  1. Palawan has it’s own beauty.

  2. natry ko na diyan sa underground river, sobrang nakaka-tuwa! eye-opening para sa kagaya kong lumaki urban. eye-opening in away na mas masarap pa din sa lugar na may natural na ganda. :*

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