“Once a year, go some place you’ve never been before.”

Boracay: My Sweet Haven


boracayislandThe particularly popular Boracay Island is as close as one might come to one’s dream paradise escapade like. This is an entire place nestled in gentle powdery white sands with crystals clear water and has now been lovingly a tourist’s spot of both locals and foreign.

Although it is a place of perfect tranquillity, it also has a busy environment, an excellent restaurant and hotels. What is remarkable is now seamlessly all of it fits together. Nearby is a splendid “Night Place Pub” that gives twist to the place and tourists that has the ambience of that makes you feel want to sip a glass of wine or drink a bucket of beers that you may enjoy. A night spot with acoustic mix of open nights and guest artists is literally music to my ear. In front of you a few traditional coracles are pulled up on the sand and there are outdoor tables where you can just watch the world pass by. For variety, i wanted a choice between a beach front café with mellow music playing in the background and watch waves lapping against the shore. Boracay beach road was filled with new restaurants, bars, shops and accommodation.

The town planners helped too, by designating a mile-long stretch of beach as a public park. Hotel rooms are comfortable and serene, and the service indoors and out are great. There are excellent local products for sale that you’ll surely love. The place offering a service food that is prepared indifferently at best. There are locale restaurant is actually part restaurant and part bar. Many of the residents also work in the Island, as their prior source of income.

bora4Boracay Beach gets my vote for one of the best beach in the country. It has everything, from trendy beach front cafés to ideal conditions for swimming or sailing. When the breeze picks up, at noon, you can sailboat or if you are up for it, take kite-surfing lessons. Boracay is a magnet for beach lovers, it has white sand, warm tropical waters and relaxed atmosphere and the country’s most popular island getaways. It is the regional center and home to most of the areas expats. It is impossible to describe Boracay without mentioning its pristine water parts, for its very crystal clear and vast natural resources especially underwater like coral reefs and different kinds of fish that have been protected and maintain by the government. The Boracay Island doesn’t needs my endorsement, as it is one of the most popular places for beach lovers.


As you might not expect a stay and visit in Boracay is not expensive, if your budget permits this is a wonderful escapade. Be adventurous in terms of trying things you might not know. Although most in summer season the place is getting crowded, the quality of the place is still high and reputation remains intact. It is a bit of a trip to get here, but you will be rewarded with delicious food, excellent services and satisfying views. Boracay is the next best thing.


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  1. BORACAY!!! but never been there. lols.

  2. I will visit this place before the year end. Looks great

  3. Getting ready for that day! Boracay, here i come! 🙂 🙂

  4. My cousin brought me there, it was my first time and i was amazed by the place. The locals also, nice. What a great place to visit. I love that beach. really!

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