“Once a year, go some place you’ve never been before.”

Northern Mindanao: A Hidden Paradise of the South


What comes to your mind when you hear the place Mindanao? Let me guess it’s chaos, troubled place and all the negative adjectives that may cross your mind am I right? Well then allow me to reintroduce Mindanao that might somehow change your mind and anyhow a place to be included on your next vacation.

First stop is Camiguin Island. An island province that is situated in Bohol Sea. You can reach this enchanted island by a ferry from Cagayan de Oro that is operating on a daily basis. This island will make you speechless of its White Island beaches and magnificent Waterfalls. Because the island is made up of numerous volcanos then find solace with their hot spring and cold spring that may help you feel rejuvenated.



Camiguin sunset

Camiguin Sunset







Next stop is Bukidnon known as the summer capital in Northern Mindanao. Because of its location Bukidnon’s temperature is way cooler compared to other cities in Mindanao. One of the attractions that Bukidnon is proud to offer to its visitors is the Dahilayan Adventure Park. Believed to be a perfect destination for families and friends as it offers a wide range of exciting activities that caters for all ages and for those who just want to keep in touch with nature and experience the beauty of God’s masterpiece.

Bukidnon mountain 2


Bukidnon mountain









Finally Cagayan de Oro known as the City of Golden Friendship. The City is known for its Water Rafting Adventure. For someone who is a thrill-adventure seeker then this adventure is really for you and get yourself wetter and bolder and enroll yourself to a more advance course for a more thrill and wilder trip in the river.

CDO water rafting

Cagayan de Oro Water Rafting

CDO water rafting 2

Cagayan de Oro Water Rafting Activity








These three are just a few of what northern Mindanao has to offer. So if you’re planning now for your next adventure make sure you include northern Mindanao and enjoy its scenic beauty that others have never captured yet.


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  1. Camiguin d best!!! esp holyweek..mg reflect sa soul

  2. im from cagayan de oro 🙂 come visit our place! one of the best place in the philippines.

  3. Yeah I studied in Xavier before and I can say cdo is much better now..the water rafting is the best

  4. Need to try water rafting

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