“Once a year, go some place you’ve never been before.”

Simple Pleasure from Native Land


When somebody asks me what is the best place to visit, what I say first usually is “it’s so gratifying to value what is ours”. It’s a small place yet if you are out for adventuresome folks you’ll surely search the good-value living from it. I say it because most folks desire to roam around the world but not having a time to visit his own (place).

my native land

My native land

The enticing smell of fresh air through the countryside. The broadly aqueous phase and diverse exquisite places that really worth visit for, is just around the corner. No need to buy time making experience than the usual tour. If you want to enjoy some sea breezes while sipping your favourite drinks, try different beaches, locals can offer you with warmth. Places that is more than a sight to see. Be infused by the weather and idyllic environment. It just needs to explore and be appreciated.

My native land: Mount Samat Bataan Philippines

My native land: Mount Samat Bataan Philippines

The crucial part of choosing your local is, it offer the chance to gain knowledge of the native life while making a trip. We have interesting options there: a beautiful surrounds, where wealth is measured by nature and pleasure created in good friendly and accepting neighbor.

my native land 2

My native land: Relaxing and Stress Reliever

My life becomes simpler when i started to be perfectly comfortable in the life that is based here. I felt surprisingly astounded for every little thing is considered. These days, the picture of serenity i found in my own country. And you might wonder how little one country could mellow me out.

I have almost no stress of flying away to enjoy myself, but it also saves me money too. It’s a world full of opportunity. You can get a lot more. Inflation while enjoying is don’t need to. And if we are aptly situated in starting point of making memories. Narrowing our choices down to our own places are easy and fairly.

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  1. I need to go around on my place to see the hidden treasures too. 🙂

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