“Once a year, go some place you’ve never been before.”

Summer in Dubai


Let’s Have Some Fun in Summer 

hot-weather-550x412The summer heat is on and everyone is fretting on the humid weather they are experiencing but this should not stop you from enjoying and exploring more of what Dubai has in store for you.

Dubai has a lot to offer year round may it summer or winter season. For those of you who are afraid of the summer sun then why not try some indoor activities like in the Dubai mall Ice Rink they are offering summer programs for your kids and those kids at heart. Why not enroll yourselves and learn the art of skating. And also you and your kids will enjoy exploring the different species of fishes and mammals at the world’s largest indoor aquarium The Dubai mall Aquarium.

SKI Dubai

SKI Dubai Mall of Emirates


And if you want some freezing activities that go beyond your spine and experience snow in the middle of the desert land come and visit ,The Ski Dubai, it offers exciting activities you’ve never tried before and aside from that who have forgotten those cute animals of the movie ” happy feet”? Well then you will have that chance to see them in the flesh and can even interact and feed them if you want to after which you can build your own version of snowman in the region’s first indoor ski center.


Dolphinarium Dubai

Dolphinarium Dubai


And if you are the type of a person who loves dolphins and seals then heads up with your whole family to the regions first indoor Dolphinarium, The Dubai Dolphinarium, be amazed of what these animals can do. Your eyesight will be charmed of these animals hidden talents, believe me, you will enjoy with their painting skill and dexterity in dancing.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Lastly, scuba diving is something you should not miss. The Dubai underwater reefs is still intact and full of life I’m pretty sure you will be enchanted of what you will see underneath the deep blue sea. There are diving shops along Jumeirah Beach Road who offer scuba diving lessons in a very affordable price.

So who says you can’t have fun during this time of the year with these activities mentioned let not the heat of the sun stops you in Exploring more of the City and Let Dubai captivates you as it already does to the world.

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  1. Wow, snow in the desert. SKI Dubai.

  2. So hot there when summer. Nice to go there after summer like december or january

  3. Yeah but for those who live in the northern hemisphere like Russia or Germany where it is winter at this time they prefer to visit this time

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