“Once a year, go some place you’ve never been before.”

Tagaytay: The Ambience of a Rural


I have just returned to Philippines from a 1 month vacation and it was fabulous to see family again and connect with co-workers, but my time there was not quite as I expected. This was my first time back in 2 years and prior to my work I kept thinking to myself that “I was going home.”

13047781_1100045993388136_2805357278849779100_oMy first stop was Tagaytay, soon after I arrived, i found during my first nights, I longed for my view of celestial bodies are visible on a clear evening. Sometimes the most interesting way to experience a new environment is in the dark (yes, in the dark). The Hotel I checked in was a perfect spot for sunset. Trees all over the place that view from quiet terrace are a sight to see. Tagaytay is a big place with an even bigger reputation, I felt surprisingly isolated but at peace. In my mother country I have almost no stress; those days were like I’m the picture of serenity.

IMG_1841Not only in Tagaytay the classic town for this region, i count it among the top destinations in Philippines. It has some of the best remaining treasures of tranquillity in the country. The town of Tagaytay is vibrant and well laid out. But the biggest delight is probably the scenery, the terrain that original settled there.

IMG_1848The people are very friendly and welcoming and considerably more open, and for me it’s the start of another relaxed day on vacation. You will see the very simple-looking Tagaytay, despite its plain appearance. Definitely a place full of fun and romance as well, with matchless view of surrounding. Family visits here to admire the settings; the enticing smell of air through the city. Everywhere you’ll see trees adorned with idyllic environment. While other regions of the country might be in summer, Tagaytay is in full swing of fairly low temperatures.

13063008_1100045863388149_5528647663674019348_oAlthough City-renowned for its idyllic environment, Tagaytay has a lot more to offer than just sun, environment and terrain. You can explore the other landscapes and relax in thriving hub and growing communities makes it easy to make new friends.

IMG_0857Other factors play their part: the low cost of visiting ensures comfort on a budget, and no problem with the welcoming locals. Thousands of tourists flock to the fair city of Tagaytay each year to soak up its rich and authentic charm. Tropical fruits and vegetables are cheap especially if you buy them at the local markets. Adding the abundance of walking to nearby location takes me to the old part of the city, which is surrounded by tall trees and green tropical foliage’s, where can cool off in mountain streams and numerous nearby parks. I love visiting different places during my vacations. Finding a place to visit is easy, but being on vacation every day is even better.

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  1. watta view! perfect location for vacation. yes! 😀

  2. Been there many times..so love the place and the weather! 😀

  3. Want to go there again, Oh! my such a lovely place 🙂

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