“Once a year, go some place you’ve never been before.”

Things You Need to Know as a Backpacker


As a traveler and a soloist, some of my friends were curious of how I was able to explore and made it to some cities that I’ve been to without any friends or acquaintances who are living in that particular country and that how I come to wander without getting lost in the middle of my trip. I just answer them with proper knowledge about that certain place and a map with me I will never get lost and of course it is your passion and your determination to make your dream travel become a reality.


Most of the time I traveled alone because of some inevitable circumstances and that mine, my family and friend’s schedule don’t usually meet so I end up traveling by myself but much to my surprise I did enjoy my travel same as that when I’m with company of friends and family aside from the fact ,of course ,that I won’t be able to spend much money and won’t be rushing things just to catch up with my next destination in short you have all the time in the world to discover things differently.

First and foremost I usually browse first Mr. Google and do some research about my next destination and the location of some cheap Hostels or Backpacker Inns that is near or within the airport and the mode of transportation in which I can save more than always taking a cab. My reasons why I always look for a cheap hostels or hotel is that you were there to relax and explore the place and discover new things so it doesn’t really matter if you are staying in a 5 star hotel or not besides you won’t stay long in your room. You just needed a place to sleep and keep some of your valuables and also because you were not there to explore the hotel.

When you reached your destination it is best to keep all your gadgets and extra batteries with you and ready because you may never know when you find that perfect spot for your best memories to keep. And if you don’t have that high definition cameras don’t be depressed coz even today’s mobile phones are already equipped with high megapixel cameras some even water resistant for that underwater picture perfect of yours to save.

Another thing that is always with me when I travel are some books from my favorite authors. Books written by Paolo Coelho and Nicholas Sparks. It is best to relax your mind through reading novels and books while waiting for your next destination or while you are on the train/bus.

And most of all some personal / essential things should not be forgotten like extra supply of foods and toiletries. Medicines like antibiotics and anti allergies because you may never know more about the food content and how it is being prepared so it’s better to be ready when unexpected things may arise.

I think it is everyone’s prerogative/choice if they want to travel alone or with company what’s more important is you’ve met and achieved your purpose on why you travel. All of us dreamed of traveling places but not all of us were given the opportunity to effectuate those dreams. Therefore as long as you have that chance to travel then don’t deprive yourself to enjoy and explore the world.

I guess those were just a few of what I usually bring with me when I travel but if you have anything to add please feel free to drop a comment below.

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