“Once a year, go some place you’ve never been before.”

Traveling: A Celebration of Life


Some came by foot, some by car and others by plane, to visit a place and explore. Traveling is not all about places to make memories and experience. Traveling is a celebration of life and what makes the experience more meaningful for everyone is. To have a deeper bond with their loved ones and to keep a healthy heart are reasons enough why they travel.

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Educate yourself more to view traveling also as an important health issue, mentally, emotionally and physically. Encourage yourself to share the moments worth sharing for with family or friends.


Trying to visit a place for the first time is another exciting adventure to look for. Pamper your mind and heart even if its about reaching far-flung towns in the locals or abroad. Inherently infused with the advocacy spirit and ingenuity  in many forms of traveling for long term relevance.


traveling-a celebration of lifeMajority of 53% are more tend to be less physically active and stay at home and forget the important part of traveling which is an adequate door to refresh minds and promote living. However, the trip should be self-funded, on the lighter side, traveling broaden the knowledge and widened the opportunities of the traveler. Witnessing the different places with its history can make a lasting impact. Although we cannot extend the 24 hours we have in a day but we can choose to use it wisely. Time is the most mysterious and expensive commodity. Always find time to travel and make it a point to share as quality time with your family and will be the most rewarding reasons.


A good selection of destinations claim they can detect subtle differences and its town of origin. At least make it a point to list down things you could do as you have more time on your hands while on travel. Plan to learn to cook new recipes or authentic local dishes in a beautiful setting in every place you visits or buying a simple souvenir from the place but worth a visit.

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Today, earmark new goals, new target destinations or every nice hotel in beautiful setting is a good place to settle in for a days, and renew commitments to live. Or watch in the shore at 5 am as the sun gradually  making its majestic presence over the horizon. Or have a delicious fish and seafood, nice wines, homemade cakes in season, delicious fresh fruits for dinner, in a town’s famous restaurant. And surprise your taste buds with the mus-taste local foods of each town. You can enjoy from land or sea, or a bit both. As good as all the food is, you may have ever encounter and your visit will become an opportunity to get to know wonderful places and people that are hard to find anywhere else. Make daring and unusual experience but with such knowledge, insight and a sense of proportion that traveling fulfills.

Traveling can be expensive in someways, but it will be worth experience that will open your eyes and imagination to things you have never imagined of.

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  1. i have a jolt energy whenever i imagine i can try different local dishes sorrounded by gorgeous scenery.

  2. traveling is a way to deepen the relationship and love

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