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Traveling:  Appreciating the Remarkable Experience

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remarkable experience - places-to-go-checklistWhen you first plan your visit to one’s place, base yourself in the first place you want to visit and use this for travel to nearby places. Wherever you travel, sure to see the names of the popular places you want to visit and make a list of priority. And find the best place to get value for your money. And you will probably figure out that there are many places that too would happily visit and dine in whenever given the chance. Each destination makes sense for its own history art, architecture, culture and food you will learn along the way.



Dried fish of Balanga City Bataan

Dried fish of Balanga City Bataan

My advice to you is to resist the desire to spread yourself too thin. Each place does provide a certain kind of service and offers a reliable accommodation. Along with pairings of places to places to visit, there are things I hope you learned and use when choosing your place to accommodate and restaurants to eat. Just like in Cebu, is famous for many foods including its “Lechon Baboy”, Malabon for its famous “Pancit Malabon”, Bataan for its famous “Tuyo and Tapa (dried-fish). With a discussion of the product, visit where it is made, discover where you can buy it, where you can taste it in local cooking and perhaps a recipe or two that can use to make traditional dishes at home.


IMG_1228This approach represents a continuum that will give you the kind of knowledge and sensation that simply cannot acquire using restaurant guide. As a result, every time you make and taste genuine food in a dish, you will have a sensory of flashback you spent in different places you have visited and have eaten. That kind of sense, you can immediately transport back to some pleasurable moment you spent alone or in delightful companions. My approach to travel everywhere else for that matter is to be open to sensory experiences and allow myself to feel everything.

In most major towns and places food markets are inimitably festive place that can teach you about food, customs and life. Purchasing items and products from interesting places you have visited reminds of your own trip as well. Wherever you go, you will find there is a great pride in local ingredients or products.

remarkable experience - eating street food

In my view, there is a seldom a “best” in anything; it is more of a pleasure traveling about and learning differences for myself. Similarly, I think by now it’s counterproductive to look for something authentic when searching for flavours, or uniqueness of the places. I have learned also that food is living, evolving thing, and the credence of what is classic is a very subjective one. And so I would rather point you to specific and distinctive things that I have discovered and hope that you will appreciate them on their own terms. Let us begin with the fanciest eating and visiting places and work toward the simplest is about making with culture, a lifestyle, philosophy, a people and their fascinating history.


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  1. its true, it also giving you a chance to discover yourself while traveling.

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